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Services, in a couple of words:

I’m available for projects that document your adventures and cater for your company’s visual needs.

For more information, please email me

For fine art landscape prints, please visit my print shop.

Services, but with more words:

Photos of the adventurous kind

Are you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canadian Rockies? Or are you someone who sends it on a regular basis? I’ll join you on your adventure and capture it all! We get together, form a plan and then go from there.

Most photoshoots take place outside, so let's be ready for everything and we'll be rewarded with more than we planned for.

I like to chase the light, find different angles and work closely with talents (yep, that's you) to deliver best possible photos that combine their efforts with the beautiful surroundings. 

PS. I'm a sucker for "bad weather". 

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Seeking to establish your visual presence and creating the promotional footage for your business? Looking for solutions that communicate your message?

I create photos, time-lapses, videos and slideshows showcasing what your business is about - your products, the staff, the workflow, and your guests in action.  

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